Community Guidelines

Fostering a safe and loving community is our top priority. Lex adheres to a zero tolerance policy towards hate speech of any kind. We reserve the right to delete posts at our own discretion. These guidelines and our Terms and Conditions are made with the aim of giving to ensure that every Lex user has a safe and comfortable experience. Failure to adhere to these guidelines will result in losing access to our platform.

Be Respectful

Safety is our top priority. Lexers engaging in transphobia, racism, fatphobia, ableism, or hate speech of any kind will be removed from the app. Slander and bullying will not be tolerated. If you are discussing a sensitive topic on Lex, please include a Content Warning in your post to warn others.

Be Original

Don't plagiarize! At Lex, we believe in preserving the integrity of language. If you are using someone else's words in your Lex personal ad, be sure to quote them correctly and to attribute the quote to its author.

Be Yourself

Posing as another individual or creating fake/scam accounts will result in immediately being banned from Lex. Predatory behavior or catfishing of any kind will not be tolerated.

Be Honest

Be truthful about the information you share on Lex. Knowingly spreading misinformation will result in being permanently banned.

Follow The Law

Lex does not tolerate illegal activity of any kind. Illegal activity will result in being automatically banned from Lex and in certain cases, being reported to the authorities.

No Solicitation

Lex is for community — not for selling goods or services. Using Lex for your commercial purposes will result in being banned from the platform. For the safety of yourself and others, Lex does not allow any crowdfunding or fundraising. This includes any post outwardly asking people for money.